As an organization, Basically Babies has over 28 years of experience in creating and assembling practical and complete wardrobes which will outfit infants for their first year.  During this time we have grown substantially, developed significant strategies and processes, have engaged with many people as volunteers, donors, recipients, recipient organizations and the general public, have learned the value of communicating well and have appreciated and enjoyed this journey. Our Board of Directors has guided, directed and led the way through their combined wisdom, knowledge, experience and commitment.

Shannon Stewart
Board Chair/Founder

Our Chair of the Board and President, Shannon Stewart, is also the founder of Basically Babies and has been the guiding force for our entire history.  She has her Bachelor of Commerce degree and an extensive background in business in the areas of business strategy and management consulting, the field in which she works in a professional capacity.  She oversees the strategy, corporate direction and overall mission of Basically Babies while also ensuring she is fully knowledgeable about the day-to-day operations, providing guidance and direction to management, staff and volunteers She is wholly committed to our purpose of “outfitting newborns in need.”  Shannon provides her time and expertise exclusively on a volunteer basis.

The other members of our Board of Directors are Janet Sadowski and Donna Laird. Each of our board members spend an enormous number of volunteer hours as well as participating in the significant Strategic Planning and fund-raising activities that are undertaken each year and reviewed quarterly. All of these activities are completed on a volunteer basis.

Janet Wilson, Board Secretary

Janet Sadowski has been a part of Basically Babies for 27 years.  She currently serves as an integral part of the Basically Babies Board of Directors after having served in an employment capacity as the organization’s first Executive Director.  Janet has both an educational and entrepreneurial background, giving her an assortment of relevant skills that she uses in her work with Basically Babies.  Janet also brings corporate knowledge and history, excellence, passion and an unparalleled ability to reach and engage people with her warm personality and communication skills, currently serving as Board Secretary. In addition, she serves in a volunteer capacity as a media relations liaison and as a member of our fund-raising committee.

Donna Laird, Board Member

Donna Laird has served on the Board of Directors for many years providing significant guidance and direction to the governance of the organization in various capacities.  She is a skilled, mature and insightful member of the Board and has been a part of the organization for over 19 years.  In addition, on a volunteer basis, she coordinates and directs a large contingent of volunteers working with inventory in the areas of receiving, sorting, sizing, checking and inventory management and control. She is a passionate, supportive and committed member of the team and is currently serving as Treasurer.