Current Opportunity to Quadruple Your Gift

The world may be a different place but some things will never change…BABIES!

There is just no way to sugar-coat a global pandemic. Its impact has transformed our pre-pandemic lives, our communities and our world.  While we find ourselves embracing a new reality and no doubt, at times, longing for ‘the way it used to be,’ we believe there are aspects to this new reality that remain constant, that have not and will not change, in spite of the pandemic …

  • babies continue to arrive into our world and need love, nurturing, support…and basic supplies
  • there are many families in our communities who are in extreme need situations and unable to provide essential supplies for their newborns
  • the world is full of caring, responsible people who find ways to help others in their communities!

While the ongoing pandemic advances much uncertainty, we find that there is still continuity in our lives, and continuity in the work of our charity. The ongoing, far-reaching effects of the pandemic crisis on our Layette Program have been unprecedented. We have weathered the pandemic to the best of our ability taking a very serious and comprehensive approach by adapting, modifying and re-working all aspects of our charitable work and program to ensure our ability to “outfit newborns in need” in both the Edmonton and Calgary communities. We are so thrilled to have continued to fully operate our Layette Program supporting families with newborns during this pandemic. We have the skills, the expertise and the experience to keep our charity operating successfully during and following the pandemic, but we must continue to seek out all funding opportunities in order to sustain our operations, as many of our traditional funding sources and fundraising events have, unfortunately, been severely negatively impacted by COVID.

About our Layette Program …

Basically Babies has supported babies born into families living in situations of extreme need for more than 26 years by providing baby outfitting that will supply a baby for an entire year!  We do so by providing a “layette” which is a beautiful, colour-coordinated collection of baby essentials layered into an enormous basket.  It contains approximately 110 items including snowsuits, jackets, outfits, sleepers, undershirts, hats, mittens, socks, shoes, slippers, bibs, towels, blankets and much more…a very practical gift that also provides much hope and dignity to these families.

Our recipient families face many barriers; they are often marginalized and experience extreme poverty, homelessness, abuse, addictions, unemployment, serious medical or mental health issues or are trying to adjust to a new life in Canada as a refugee. Year after year, we provide baby basics to a growing number of babies in Edmonton and Calgary.

About our opportunity to Quadruple Your Gift…

With this in mind, we urgently appeal for your financial support of our Layette Program during this unique Quadruple Your Gift opportunity. Basically Babies has supported babies born into families living in situations of extreme need for more than 26 years by providing baby outfitting that will supply a baby for an entire year, and…despite the enormous financial and operational challenges, we have continued to support these tiny infants with a layette throughout the entire pandemic, but we need your help!

Each year, Basically Babies is privileged to have key donors that will match gifts from individuals (3 times) to support our ongoing Layette Program that outfits infants born into families living in extreme need situations. Would you consider partnering with us and our key donors in this matching opportunity?  Consider the value of this investment …

  • A gift of $100 becomes $400 (provides basic outfitting for 1 baby)
  • A gift of $200 becomes $800 (provides basic outfitting for 2 babies )
  • A gift of $300 becomes $1200 (provides basic outfitting for 3 babies)
  • A gift of $1000 becomes $4000 (provides basic outfitting for 10 babies)

(*UP TO A MAXIMUM OF $10,000 UNTIL December 31, 2020)

Donation Options

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Option # 3       I would like to donate by cheque in the amount of $______
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For more information

Basically Babies
14839 118th Avenue
Edmonton, AB  T5L 2M7
T: 780.989.0180
Charitable Registration # 86528 8476RR0001

Thank-you in advance for your ongoing support of our work “outfitting newborns in need.”


The work of Basically Babies is fully accomplished through the ongoing, generous financial support of members of our community.  We rely on donations of both supplies and cash funding for the ongoing programs of Basically Babies. We are excellent financial stewards of our funding and are committed to annually preparing and managing a balanced budget and providing financial information to our supporters if requested. Our Donation Policy is as follows:

“All financial donations from corporations or individuals will be utilized for the Layette Program unless otherwise specified by the donor. Once all needs have been met in the fiscal year for the Layette Program, the Board of Directors may allocate donations to alternative Basically Babies programs as needed.  Tax receipts will be issued for all cash donations over $20 provided we have current contact information.

All donated items will be used in the provision of the Layettes if suitable.  Anything that we cannot use, but is still usable, will either be donated to another charity or used in other fundraising activities with all funds allocated directly to the Layette Program.”

To make a credit card or debit card online donation, please click here and you can donate to Basically Babies through Canada Helps (a secure on-line giving website).  Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation by cheque, please mail it, along with a printed copy of the Donation Card  to:

Basically Babies
14839 118th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 2M7

We are so grateful to companies and individuals who willingly and generously provide resources to build back into our community. Thank-you!!