What is Basically Babies’ mandate?

Basically Babies mandate is “outfitting newborns in need” and is committed to supporting ‘extreme need’ families, who have a newborn baby in the greater Edmonton area.  We do this through the provision of a baby layette containing a full year’s supply of clothing and other small baby accessories and items.  Our strategy is to identify these families by partnering with other non-profit and charitable organizations (Partnering Recipient Organizations) that are working with extreme need families on a long-term basis, building life skills, and assisting to work through issues and obstacles that are present in their lives.

What is a “layette?”

At Basically Babies, a layette is the gift of a complete first-year baby wardrobe! It contains outfits, snowsuits, jackets, sweaters, sleepers, shoes, socks, undershirts and other baby items.  We take great pride and care in choosing each and every item that goes into the layette. Every item is checked and re-checked to ensure quality – and the end product is beautifully packaged, scrupulously clean, appropriately-sized and gender specific. Each layette contains approximately 120 items sized from 0-24 months and is made up of both new and gently used items. Each layette is intended to communicate worth, value, respect and dignity to each family that receives one.

How can I receive a Basically Babies Layette?

Basically Babies Layettes are distributed through a network of partnering organizations that identify a family in extreme need and request a layette on behalf of that family.  A family must be connected to, and working with, one of our Recipient Partnering Organizations (PRO’s) and living in a situation of extreme need to receive a layette. For a list of current partnering organizations, please click here.

How does Basically Babies determine which families are considered “extreme need?”

Each family situation is different.  We understand that extreme need does not always come in the form of income and expenses although all of our recipient families struggle significantly financially.  In addition, there is often a combination of circumstances and factors that prevent the family from being able to adequately support and care for their newborn.  These extreme need families are not just struggling with low income….they are faced with many different barriers and difficulties such as adjusting to being new refugees/immigrants to Canada, language barriers, insufficient education, unemployment, legal barriers, homelessness, addictions, abuse/violence, psychological/mental health issues, and physical health concerns.  With that in mind, each submitted layette request is reviewed and assessed by a Layette Review Committee (LRC)  to assess and determine extreme need of the family.

Where does Basically Babies get its baby items from?

Basically Babies receives most of our items as donations. Individuals and corporate community members deliver new or gently-used baby items to our warehouse in Edmonton (14839 118 Avenue, Edmonton: Mon-Thurs 9am-4pm) or Calgary (#1-, 1826 25th Avenue NE, Calgary: Tuesday – Thursday only 9:00am -3:00pm) that we then use in our Layette Program.  For a full listing of the items we can accept, click here.

What items does Basically Babies need the most?

Basically Babies is always in need of snowsuits, sleepers, bibs, shoes, socks and tights.

How many families does Basically Babies support in a year?

When we first started out in 1994, Basically Babies was supporting approximately 10-15 families each year with a layette.  Basically Babies currently supports between 800 and 900 families each year by providing them with a layette for their newborn!