This is one more way we can engage each other…to communicate!  We communicate mainly through email and social media…Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  It helps us spread the word about our work when you engage us on social media so feel free to share and like our postings!  It’s easy…just follow or like us and then we can follow or like you back.  Our social media helps us in many ways:

  • Increases donations of baby items and clothing
  • Increases financial donations that support our Layette Program
  • Increases knowledge and awareness about our Layette Program for the community
  • Provides knowledge about our Layette Program for individuals who are in extreme need
  • Allows us to communicate any current special needs or projects within Basically Babies
  • Engages new volunteers to work in our warehouse
  • Provides an opportunity to engage corporate teams and groups to support our work

You can  help…just communicate with us in whatever way works for you…phone, email, social media or in person. We’d love  to hear from you!