We need your help!  Although Basically Babies has been operating for over 27 years, we regularly come across people who say “I’ve never heard of Basically Babies…!”  So…we know we need to focus on getting the word out about our work so that others can engage with us and help us as we “outfit newborns in need” together.  We are working hard on this as we know it’s a key part of our continued success in meeting the significant need of families in our community.  So…with this in mind we are:

  • connecting with businesses and organizations regularly to tell them about the work of Basically Babies
  • connecting with individuals within our network to let them know about our work, our needs and our opportunities
  • giving warehouse tours to show people our work
  • connecting with schools, students and teachers of all levels (elementary to post-secondary) to work together on projects like donation drives or fund-raisers
  • connecting with baby sale organizers to tell them about our work and solicit
  • collecting donations of baby items
  • increasing our use of and frequency of social media postings (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to communicate information and request action
  • updating and upgrading our website to provide current information

You can help…we need you too!  We only have so many contacts and connections and while we work hard to increase this, we know that this works best when a larger supportive community is engaged and involved! Networks are key! help us promote the charitable work of Basically Babies, here are a few things you can do:

  • Tell others (colleagues, friends, family, etc…) about our work and why you are involved
  • Link people to the informational Basically Babies video view here
  • Donate baby clothing and supplies and encourage others to do so
  • Donate financially and encourage others to do so
  • Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • “Share,”  “comment” and “like” our postings to ensure others see our postings
  • Gather some friends and volunteer at one of our volunteer work events

We know that promoting our work is bests accomplished by many people!  Thanks for helping us promote!