Basically Babies partners with other non-profit, social service and healthcare agencies in order to provide our layettes to families living in situations of extreme need with a newborn in the greater Edmonton and Calgary areas.  These organizations all have a purpose of working with families in improving and bettering their current situations.  They may be involved in helping families deal with education, employment, parenting, housing issues, medical issues, legal issues, substance abuse, physical abuse, getting out of a life on the streets, adjusting to life in Canada, or learning basic English. Prospective agencies that provide long-term support through programming, counselling and/or other services to disadvantaged families may be able to apply to partner with us.  Once approved, we call these partnering organizations Partnering Recipient Organizations (PRO’s).

By partnering with Basically Babies, a PRO will be able to prepare a request form to request a layette, through our online web-based system, for a family they serve.  A Basically Babies layette offers the organization the opportunity to provide a practical solution to the immediate need of clothing for this vulnerable infant.   Our desire is to communicate value, dignity and hope to the recipient families while strengthening the relationships between families in need and our partner agencies who serve them by providing layettes for them to deliver to these families.  By carefully selecting our Partnering Recipient Organizations, we seek to connect families to agencies that are providing much needed support and services; as well, the Layette helps to boost and support the bond formed between the agency and the family thus making it easier for them to work together.  Together with our recipient organizations, we seek to improve the current situation of families with newborns who find themselves in extreme need.

If your organization is a registered charity, non-profit, or healthcare organization that serves extreme need families on a long-term, life-skill building basis and you would like to get more information about becoming a PRO with Basically Babies, please contact our office at .  We will discuss the potential fit between the organizations and then may move forward sending with our Partnering Recipient Organization Application Form to be completed and submitted for review and approval by our Recipient Organization Review Committee (“RORC”).  The RORC will then review the application, reply with any queries, questions or items requiring additional information and then respond. Prospective organizations should meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a registered charity or a non-profit, social service or health care organization;
  • Must serve families in extreme need in the Greater Edmonton or Calgary areas;
  • Must provide services to clients free of charge;
  • Must have a formal in-take or screening process;
  • Must provide long-term programing, support, counseling, and/or other services to families in need; these services should work toward building life skills for the family;
  • Must be working with families after the delivery of their newborn.

After this process is complete and approval is given, Basically Babies will book a time for a Basically Babies tour, and a presentation for your staff and management that provides information regarding:

  • Basically Babies
  • the Layette Program
  • identifying a family in extreme need
  • the layette request and application process
  • accessing and using our custom web-based layette request system
  • the pick-up and delivery of layettes
  • partnering with Basically Babies