What to Expect

All volunteers start by training and performing inventory related tasks and then move on to be trained on the other areas of production. They also perform light cleaning duties as needed at the end of their shift. The following are brief descriptions of the various inventory and production related volunteer positions available at Basically Babies:

Inventory Sorting/Sizing

A task list will be provided from the Inventory Coordinator at the start of each day shift. Volunteers are assigned a category from the list, they then check each item for quality, size each item and place each item in their appropriate basket on the 2nd sort wall as laid out in our task instruction manual.

Inventory 2nd Sorting

Volunteers are assigned a second sort category. They then check the items for quality, discard any items that do not meet Basically Babies standards, count the items, log the information on our inventory sheets, and put items away in their appropriate section in the east warehouse as laid out in our task instructional manual.

Volunteers may also be assigned the following inventory tasks:

  • Ensure all sections of inventory are filled on a regular basis.
  • Ensure all sections of inventory are tidy and organized.

Pulling Layettes

Volunteers are assigned with pulling all of the required items for the layette, from inventory, according to the pull sheets as outlined in our task instructional manual.

Quality Checking of Layettes

Volunteers at this stage double check the layettes for quality after they are pulled. They check each item for quality, switch out any item that does not meet Basically Babies standards ensure that all items are accounted for, disinfect non-laundered items, photograph all of the outfits and prepare the layette for laundry.

 Laundry/Assembly Preparation

It is very important that the layette is fresh and in excellent condition when the recipient family receives it. Volunteers launder, lay out and iron the items in the layette to prepare them for assembly.

Assembling Layettes

Basically Babies Layettes are designed to communicate and inspire hope, love and dignity to the recipient. They are a beautiful gift of wardrobe and practical items for baby’s first year to families in extreme need. The layettes consist of 7 layers where each layer is beautifully displayed and/or wrapped within a receiving blanket. Essentially the layette is made up of 7 presents! Volunteers carefully put these layettes together and then wrap it in plastic and tie with a gift tag and coordinating ribbon.

What else can I expect??

The training and guidance process at Basically Babies is a constructive and positive experience. We fully respect our volunteers’ time, plan ahead to have tasks ready and are grateful for their commitment to the work of Basically Babies.  We know that it’s important that they have all of the information they need to ensure that the volunteer experience is a positive one. Volunteers can expect to be trained and evaluated at every stage of the inventory and production processes. This is an opportunity for volunteers to effectively learn the task procedures, processes and the expectations of Basically Babies quality control guidelines. All volunteers will be treated with respect and dignity.  Positive direction or suggestions on tasks and activities should be taken in a positive way in order to maintain excellence in our Layette Program.

Additionally, Basically Babies abides by an open door communication policy whereby volunteers are invited to discuss ideas, opportunities, issues or concerns with a member of the Basically Babies leadership team.  Basically Babies is committed to listening to these items and will address them as deemed appropriate.